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Hi bo bin,

Thanks for the feedback. That data on formats is extremely useful – many thanks.

It does seem that this thread is only rarely read by the admins. Yours is the first reply I have had, although the emails that I get suggest that some are answered.

The latest mod to the WordPress template removes even the vague ‘kontakt’ metadata, and replaces it with ‘Free Download’, which then gives a pop-up form which eventually goes to a download page. So an index to formats is hugely important to prevent people wasting bandwidth.

I’ve now spotted the pre-ticked ‘Notify me…’ which explains why I was getting all of those emails from other people!

I’m amazed that you found my bagpipes – they are buried very deep on the site, and only a specific search will find them! No wonder no-one has reviewed them… CH goes on about toolkit sounds, about organic synths, and yet when I submit one it gets ignored and put in a cul-de-sac. Ah well…

Martin (synthesizerwriter)