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bo din

Hi Martin,
thanks for the bagpipes.

The pages not identifying Kontakt, EXS, sfz etc.

I have actually put a list together of all the Kontakt libraries that will open in Kontakt 5.8.1;

All the Kontakt 5.8.1(R43) that’s available on Pianobook

I did it so that anyone who comes to the forum might find some info on which version of kontakt is needed and to give a concise list to admin that they could refer to and easily add to the page.

I was unable to post working URLs and did not want to post the info offsite. I will soon upload a better list (when the initial thread disappears off the front page).

The only way I have received any feedback from the good folks maintaining the site is through their day job emails and I only do that in emergencies like a site attack !

I have added a couple of new threads since I finished posting on that list.
see; More Kontakt 5.8.1 libraries

Also at the bottom of the reply box (for posting comments in the forum), there is a tick box asking for notifications of follow up replies via email. Mine is unchecked, so I get no emails.