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Some constructive feedback:

1. Some instruments don’t actually say what format the download is in (e.g. Yamaha S400-B) – is it Kontakt 6, for example?

2. A lot of instruments just say ‘Kontakt’ as their format – is this Kontakt 5, or 6?

3. I get emails all the time of your replies to people. I suspect that there is a notification set up somewhere that shouldn’t be…

4. Am I supposed to have access to the wordpress /wp-admin pages for this site?

5. Why do the …/feed pages just display the raw XML?

6. I offered my database of Master Keyboards (compiled from the old forum) as a potential resource some time ago. I haven’t heard anything since, and you haven’t added it to the ‘Resources’ tab…

Cheers and stay safe,

Martin (synthesierwriter)