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bo din

Hi knileuh,

I think the few people running the site are aware it has issues but have to prioritise their own work commitments and lives and work on Pianobook as and when they can.

I’ve come across a few issues (missing samples, a couple of downloads not working, duplicated or incorrectly named files, no file extensions) but have managed to download about 1250 patches in all associated with the site. I can’t download the Processed GameBoy Pad that went up on 24 July 2020.

So yes, there are issues and quite a lot of stuff needs ironing out but there is q shedload of stuff to try out.

Worth noting here is that most of the .exs files will load into TX16Wx, though some behave oddly. I use FL Studio and have Directwave (native plugin version and VST plugin version), which can load some of the .exs files but most have problems. However, where supplied, you could use the samples to create your own instrument which I think is what Christian Henson was hoping to achieve.

Thanks to everybody who has made a contribution so far, I’m still having fun !

Oh yeah, nearly forgot….noticing that a post was made ‘2 months, 4 weeks ago’ put a smile on my face.