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Hi, I read a little and see a couple of people have already commented on the clumsy download process, but I have other issues with it.

As a software developer that’s been involved in the open source community for 20 years, I’m not a fan of the signups required to download.

Now, for Spitfire Labs I totally understand it. Spitfire is a commercial entity and a part of the tradeoff for getting Labs (which I love!) for free is getting onto the marketing list. I understand that, and I’ve been hooked into buying from a marketing email. I understand and appreciate that process.

But Pianobook is not supposed to be part of Spitfire’s marketing machine. It was designed to be a global sharing community project, and not an extension of Spitfire. As someone that’s contributed (in my own little way) I feel a bit cheated that now someone has to register to get what I intended for them to be able to get without strings. I think this new design goes totally against the spirit of what this was supposed to be.

It’d be really nice to see a simple downloads button on the instrument pages again, instead of this new format. In this day and age, people and their data are a sensitive matter, and in a sharing community that should not be a thing.