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Stephen Caulfield

Hello there all,
Massive congratulations on the new site – it is really fantastic! It’s very heartwarming to see what people are prepared to do for others, not to mention how friendly and supportive the whole Pianobook community have been since the very beginning.
This is particularly pertinent at the moment with the Coronavirus lockdown and isolation. I have found Pianobook to be very comforting and it provides a lot of solace during this time.
I have really loved playing with people’s sample libraries and listening to the demos that people have made and I have found the collective spirit to be very inspirational. I have had great fun making demos of my own for the libraries that I have enjoyed.
I have a couple of suggestions for the new site. I can see this has been mentioned before, but just to add another vote, it would be great to be able to read reviews as well as see the overall rating. Secondly, is there a way to show the demos a user has submitted at the bottom of the profile page, along with the libraries submitted?
That’s it for now,
Keep up the awesome work!