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I came across a PianoBook discussion at kvraudio.


Apparantly there are developers like the Surge synth team, who make use of kvraudio.com’s forums, simply by maintaining and populating their topic, and updating the first post as needed. They offer a personal account that colates the users communications so the harried can review their posts etc at will, along with a handy PM setup, product reviews, sticky topics etc and there is a dedicated sampling forum, to pitch a tent at.

I know not how Spitfire’s forum works, or what will be provided, but if it’s reinventing
wheels that kvr already have in place, and in the free column, it might reduce the workload, and bypass some difficulties of starting afresh. Or at least offer some extra exposure.
(to quote a line from the movie ‘Chariots Of Fire’,
“…that’s a matter for the committee…” )