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Well, at least Bo Din still seems to be here…

Perplexingly (and for the first time ever) I’ve just received an email containing Guildorf’s 13 April forum post about duplicate message warnings. Perhaps, at some point, aeons ago, I replied to a post in this thread and am now suddenly receiving replies…? I am 60 years old and too little remains of my life for me to trawl back to see if that’s the case. Maybe I’m now an admin but someone forgot to tell me…


A charitable response to the numerous recent complaints of errors, omissions, lack of communication and download problems might link back to Christian’s pianobook youtube video about a month back (I think) in which he mentioned the website is again in the process of redesign.

Once this is done, pianobook’s forum will be incorporated under the Spitfire Audio forum ‘umbrella’, apparently.

The instruments and demos are as excellent as ever. Communication is barely existent (although Christian does reply to email) and the forum is currently simply hopeless. I seem to be about the only pianobook user who takes the time to review the instruments. But thank goodness for Bo Din.

Chris (wordsSHIFTminds)