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I think your voice carries more weight than you think, and there aren’t very many voices.
It feels strange not to hear from those who brought this all about. The more we know what their purpose and plans are, the easier it will be for us to get excited about the future,
or temper our expectations.

Paul Davis, a respected developer, dropped by apparently to challenge the usage license agreement as being too restrictive for some un-named collective of open-source proponants. I suggested that there was some enjoyable exclusivity here, with benefits from the way new sound releases are presented, and that nice circumstance tends to support your position. There are indeed many venues from which sounds may be made available. A bit like the old Olympics, which had clear lines drawn separating amateurs from the professionals, without regard to the skills on display.

Another factor for the decisionmakers to consider, is the commotion often caused when something great is being gifted. If someone started dropping nickles and dimes somewhere, people would think they were just a bit crazy. If they were dropping $50 dollar bills, the reaction would be much different.