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Marcus Manderson

I have enjoyed reading this thread.

As someone who has created thousands of demos (including demos for every Pianobook library…look for “Da Fingaz”), the “Ocarina” library was one that caused me the most…confusion.

Mostly because I typically download all of the libraries released each week and get to work on demos. I usually don’t read the description. With the Ocarina library, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out I only had 5 keys to work with.

I just assumed something was wrong with my system and made an interesting demo with those 5 notes. LOL. While I may have been a little disappointed at this particular library when I found out the provided library was not a full version, it was a very quick disappointment…and then I moved on to the next demo and honestly forgot about the library until I came across this thread.

Stephen, if you and the Pianobook team are interested in putting together a user “collective” to gather feedback from our experiences (demo creators, instrument creators, etc.), feel free to add my name to that list.

I will say this: I’m not sure how much I can share, but after having a recent communication with Pianobook support, they are continually trying to improve for all of us. The things that are in the works (such as the new website design, submission guidelines, etc), will provide us all with more (and fair) opportunities as music creators or library creators. Also, there is a possibility to generate more income from our music (productions or music libraries).

I’m eagerly waiting and looking forward to what Pianobook has to offer in the hopefully not too distant future…