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I had mixed feelings about this trial version business on pianobook, too. In fact, I emailed Christian personally to ask if he was OK with it – just in case he’d missed it (from his You Tube channel I know he’s been busy with scoring and his role as ‘Pianomaster General’ on the weekly You Tube pianodrops has also been delegated recently, as I’m sure everyone’s noticed).

Without asking Christian for permission I feel it would be rude to post his reply in full or quote from it here. But the thrust of this brief conversation was that if Christian feels fine about trial versions and samples created by commercial sampling houses (as is the case with at least one instrument I queried the maker about in my review), I was fine with it, also. Everything else about pianobook – well pretty much everything, apart from the virtually oxygen-free environment that constitutes the present forum – is so damn good, I feel it’d be churlish of me to make a big deal about this one issue. I’m with bo din on this – I ignore anything I don’t like on the site and get on with enjoying the excellent stuff, of which there’s so much.

To paraphrase Christian’s response (which I hope is acceptable), he believes strongly in samplists and musicians, whether professional or amateur, being able to make money from their music and instruments. So for me, that was a full stop to the matter.