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bo din

Hi guildorf,
As it happens, I’ve just come from the Reaktor Library myself.

Regarding the Reaktor Library, they got rid of that awful numbering system used on the zip files ! And bizarrely add ‘Version: 1.0 (Updated 3 days ago)’ when it would be better to show the precise date of that entry or update or the upload which has perhaps got lost in translation ?
There was also some recent friction regarding a devs free ensembles suddenly turning to payware, I don’t know the details as all his pages were removed though he is back with a different free ensemble and he does mention his catalogue. But it is his work at the end of the day.

KVR Audio Developer Contests have a very specific rule that has been in place for a while now;
“Your entry must not be restricted in any way that could make it appear to be a demo / trial version for a subsequent “full” release. i.e. It must not be save-disabled or beep every few seconds or nag the user to donate / pay, etc. Your entry should be fully functioning and remain fully functioning forever.”
Regardless of the final clause, some links do disappear now and again as they don’t appear to be kept in a KVR repository, thought that could have changed in the last few years.

KVR DC21 is currently in progress.

Anyway, the main reason for calling in was to alert you to the fact that you can opt out of having that modification message, I can’t remember how so I’ll have to do it and post an image.