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The native Instruments ‘Reaktor User Library’ has thousands of submissions of ‘ensembles’ in NI-speak, instruments, 2 decades or so in action, instruments, effects, and utility tools galore, and over the many years, they implemented search, rating, and information protocols worth considering here. (Reaktor is a vst modular app-building extravaganza, and host for those apps) To see and test how the website functions,


In addition to a general search wideget, a ‘latest’ search widget appears in the upper right, helping to narrow the search, and drops down these choices:

most downloaded (all time)
most downloaded (three months)
best rated (all time)
best rated (three months)

Click an Ensemble’s icon, and you get this info:

Author: goodguy
Version: 1.4 (Updated 5 days ago)
File Size: 5.7MB
Created: April 18, 2021
Made with: Reaktor 6
Category: Instrument Synthesizer
Wavetable Sound Generator Experimental

Below that, the authors description panel is on the left, and a commentators panel on the right. So it’s easy to find a pool of highly rated downloads, and also the particulars that make up the (potential) quality of your ensemble download, and the opinions of those who tried it before you even had your morning coffee…

It’s much in the spirit of the submissions here, and also has a very small subset of projects that have a commercial componant. As an aside, there is a free Reaktor player, that would be an excellent sidekick to DecentSampler, many of the ensembles are simply great, whether complex, or fundamental in nature. Steampipe 2 reMix would be my recommendation for a first-time Reaktor user) An account is required for downloads/submissions etc

Thanks Stephen, for your input and oversight.