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Apparently some of these projects are ‘works in progress’, where the creators skills, available man-hours, and motivations are not carved in stone, and the results can change accordingly, probably for the better.

And Pianobook is in the same boat, improving as it moves forward. There are three groups involved here, the founders, the contributors, and beneficiaries like me. I think it would be good for the founders to clearly state their own local boundaries on the types of submissions with perhaps a separate category where commercial versions can available, if in lite isolation.

Personally, I’m interested in the stories detailing the creation and sampling of the instruments, and related links are not offensive. No popup ads have appeared during my browsing here, so I don’t see a tempest forming in my teacup anytime soon, and as noted, other websites abound. Perhaps there could also be a list of all contributor-related links, growing as part of the submission process. That would be handy, I think.

As an aside, it would be cool to create some graphic pianobook decal templates that could be applied to mugs and shirts etc

There are cool people here, and someday Namm and the many other trade shows will be live on the floor, so a Pianobook presence would also be cool, perhaps with a spot in a Spitfire booth. etc