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Maximilian Kisbiro

As I said before: my problem is the intention behind this.
Yes, it is possible, to alter the zones in Kontakt and also the wording of the PB-page and
I would in no way demand this from the contributor,
but I think this would not change the intention in the end.
I in no way want to bash on the contributor or on the instrument as it should/could be.
The samples/instrument/GUI are (at least) decent. I do not see any reason to argue about this.

The questino is, if the community wants to open this whole project to be a market. This instrument
atm is and possibly will be the precende for the discussion how and/or if at all this community
wants this and/or will tolerate this. I am only one voice of many and I, for myself,
do not want this to happen.

All of us are musicians, composers, samplists, sound designers and developers. And I think
I am not the only one, who came to PB to access ressources (discussions, knowledge, samples, some feeling of cohesion…)
without paying for them with money, but giving these exact same things back.

As always: I am only speaking for my opinion and the way I pick things up.
I really enjoy this journey together and I fear that PB becoming some kind
of market could alter this project in a negative way.