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Maximilian Kisbiro

Interesting point.

I would say both instances are fully functional und free of any kind of charge provided entries.
And the have both not been promoted as trial or demo. At the time tehse two have been contributed
I for my part did not know, that there will be paid versions of them. I do not want to speak in Jons
name in any way, but it is possible that even Jon did not know there will be a paid versions of his
piano the time he submitted it.
for me the problem could be condensed to the aspect of “intention”.

The Ocarina has been brought to us as a trial. The Kawai Felt and the MVP/AIR not. And within the instrument
is no boundary of a trail-version experienceable. At least for me. But I really like the way Jon handles his
“old” projects as prototypes. So I see his paid products as enhanced prototypes and not the prototypes as
cut down versions to imply the need for a paid upgrade.