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bo din

I have finally managed to update Windows 10 after 9 months of failures (up to 20H2) !

In celebration of the 10 hours and 42 minutes installation, I decided to downloaded the Summer Piano again. It shows; “unexpected end of archive”. So it does need reporting to get sorted out. In the meantime, here are several ways to fix the issue.

Just double left-click on the zip to open in WinRAR and then close any warnings.
Then use Tools and select Repair archive.
two minutes and it will rebuild a new file called “rebuilt.381243_TheSummerPiano_ChristianHenson.zip”
It keeps the _MACOSX folder – you would have to check if it works on the mac, I won’t have it in my house.

Extracts it without flinching and reports that the _MACOSX folder has an issue. But it does not repair the _MACOSX folder.

btw, I have no use for _MACOSX files or folders, nor the .DS_Store files and always delete them straight away.