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Mike Summers

I’m a newbie here too. I play jazz, and pianos are a bit of an obsession for me – though mainly I need ones I can take to gigs. Still, it would be fun to try a nice VST plugin. Maybe I’d love it and want to practise with it. I have never knowingly used a third party plugin. I’m new’ish to DAWs too really. Yes, I have used Audacity, and I’m beginning to use Cakewalk. I’m not just a cheapskate though. I purchased Cubase and a Steinberg interface many years ago (before most DPs had a USB to Host port) paying a pretty penny for the two. Nine times out of ten they didn’t work because of installation and security procedures which would frighten Julian Assange, Mossad and the KGB. Then Steinberg stopped supporting the interface, and then my licence expired. So now I’m keen not to get locked into an expensive and overly complex system.

I saw a review which spoke favourably of the Mason & Hamlin plugin. I downloaded some files, clicked on something, and that brought me here. I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland, excited by the new things, but also concerned about becoming a nuisance or getting seriously sidetracked. I don’t really know what Pianobook is. Is it mainly about free VST plugins? I read the posts about Kontakt being kind of necessary. I see that the Mason & Hamlin plugin has four downloads including an SFZ version. Does this mean I can try it and maybe use it without Kontakt? Anyway, how do I begin?