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Marco Iannello

First, I would like to thank you, Phil, for thinking my Plastic Flap samples are “excellent”, you are very kind to say that, cheers!

To quickly explain the process around how I made it:

– I recorded the samples with my Shure SM58
– imported and chopped up the audio file in Pro Tools, selecting the bits that “worked”
– time-stretched said over 8/16 bars, using the different “in-the-box” time-stretching algorithms
– applied a few instances of Little Alter Boy, playing around with the settings until it sounded as I heard it in my head
– applied Valhalla Supermassive, loading different presets and tweaking them until I achieved the desired sounds
– bounced all the processed recordings
– imported the samples into Kontakt, and you can explore each NKI to see what is going on under the hood

Hope that was useful!

Last, I also was going to recommend Audio Artemis’ book.