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Bob Ellis

I have just uploaded “St. Helens Cantores Kontakt 5.8 NR” so it should be available on Ash’s page very soon.

After a call for help on this thread, Darren kindly Noise Reduced (NR) the samples beautifully using RX Advanced. He also modified the Season3 Photosynthesis (PS) skin further to specify the layers for the “Mms” and “Oohs”, and included a photo of St Helen’s Church where the recordings were made – more work than you think. 🙂

Some may not like the idea of cleaning it up so we have made two instruments: Original and NR.

The PS Engine is very versatile and I recommend experimenting after reading the enclosed PDF manuals.

We hope you enjoy our new PS skin in Kontakt 5.8 for Ash’s wonderful choir.