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Keith Theodosiou

I think it’s great what you said.
I have said this in another post but say for instance, my piano piece. Now I didn’t really think it stood out that much, I just thought it was my bit and that’s it. Two things that Christian did was one, saw the potential of my part as being the melody line that could bind all the parts and two (more importantly) knew that this melody line would be hugely transformed into something that gets to Human soul. What i’m trying to say is, my piano part sounded nice but that part played with the string section totally transformed it into something so beautiful. Violins can put emotion into something better than I can ever do.
John Meyers part was the same, sounded nice on it’s own but when played with the strings and my melody together, well we all know how that sounded.
Rambling is fine here as you are expressing yourself, I am also rambling lol.

Bottom line is Christian in his experience with working with orchestras knew how they would transform an amazing piece into a truly beautiful amazing piece.
I rest my case (cos it’s heavy) lol