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Darren Prescott

Those dissenting negative voices were very few and far between weren’t they? The overwhelming majority thought it was incredible.

The live strings brought cohesion and helped unite the constituent parts thematically and structurally with the opening piano theme. They bridged across the motors and pylons like a kind of arcing structure – almost like the pylon cables. They connected everything together which may otherwise have been ever so slightly compartmentalised and isolated.

For me, music is about emotion. Any musical ingredient that heightens that emotion is not only justifiable but necessary. The strings were not suffocating or smothering the piece with a saccharine blanket. They were just the right balance.

It is one of life’s great mysteries how music has the capacity to emotionally move and bring people together. But musicians and composers have an innate ability to conjure this ethereal quality using the very air around us as a conduit. It’s remarkable how all this strange mystical process even works – but I’m so happy that it does, and grateful to be able to participate and experience it.

(Sorry, rambled on a bit!)