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Hey Sid,

yes – I remember your mappings (I was happy to find them, since you were one of few guys supporting the free and open SFZ format here on Pianobook).

Those of us who initiated the SFZ mapping project over at KVR Audio would definitely like to see the SFZ mappings on their corresponding sites here on Pianobook – that’s where they belong after all! The Github directory would only be maintained as a backup.

My first attempts of uploading some of those mappings to Pianobook via the “submit an instrument” procedure is now almost a month ago and the mappings did not show up on their respective sites. I followed due procedure (filling out the forms and then eventually uploading the file to the Pianobook Dropbox) and tried it multiple times – without any effect!

Since we released these mappings as CC-BY please feel free to try your luck and upload them.