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Hidde Pieters

Hey hey,

My name is Hidde, and I am a largely self-taught music producer and composer (in training) from The Netherlands who wants to apply himself far too broadly than is probably advisable. I’ve done some work for a small video game under my stage name “Wolfgang Miakoda,” and release occasional pieces as an independent artist under the same name. I’ve also done some voice acting work (which hasn’t been released yet as of writing this), I’ve done a few live shows as a DJ, and am currently also dabbling into creative coding with MAX MSP and Javascript. The things I work on in terms of music are about as spread out as my interests, as I’ve worked in everything from orchestral music to abstract sound compositions, from chill house to hardstyle, and much more. I’d like to think I’ve learned how to pull from these many genres and styles of music to give each piece a unique twist, but that opinion of mine is obviously subject to bias. You can find most of my released work here, though most of the work I’ve made is unreleased as I just never got around to finishing it, a struggle which I’m sure many here are familiar with: https://soundcloud.com/wolfgangmiakoda
I’m currently enrolled in the HKU under Composition for the Media, and I’m looking to add creative systems design and studio technology to that as well, as I just see it all as tools for my musical tool belt, which admittedly may end up being self-destructive considering the hefty workload it will undoubtedly bring. The problem is that I just want to do too many things; I want to compose for film and tv, I want to compose for games, I want to perform as an independent EDM artist, I want to write for bands, I want to voice characters in video games, etc. Admittedly, I’m leaning most to composition for film and games, so I’m likely to lay my focus there, but I would love to be able to do all these other things on the side.

I found Pianobook after seeing Christian’s recent video on dynamic crossfades, and having the Mickleburgh Piano really catch my eye. Having taken a quick peek around the site, I think I’ll be coming back here occasionally to see the fantastic work people are putting out there, cuz what I’ve seen so far has been amazing. Really excited to further explore what you wonderful people have to offer, and maybe even get into sampling myself (if I can find the time for it).

Cheers, and kind regards,