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Pete Kowalsky

Hello and Happy New Year!

I’m a hobbyist musician from Virginia in the USA and came across your site recently. Amazing stuff on here! Thanks to all of you who have shared your samples / instruments with us – they are super-creative and very inspiring. Maybe one day I will be as cool as you all and make something of my own worthy of sharing here… ­čÖé

I starting playing cheap Casio keyboards when I was a kid in the 70’s/80’s as they really started to hit the market. Inspirations for me are everything from Pink Floyd / W. Carlos / Isao Tomita (RIP) / Vangelis / to modern classical from the likes of Max Richter / J├│hann J├│hannsson (RIP) / Nils Frahm / ├ôlafur Arnalds, to jazz/prog/metal/ambient/edm and lots in between. Musically my real love has fallen into the dreaded “New Age” category LOL, but now I think it would be classified as psybient/chillout. Anyway, I bought a brand new Yamaha DX7 in early 1986 (still have it of course) and a couple more instruments followed, and it was all-consuming for a long time from then. Until real life happened…you know, school, girlfriend, work, marriage, 6 kids…LIFE!

Fast forward a few decades or so to 2015 (still married until my wife finds out how much I’ve spent on software since Black Friday hahah), and I’m picking up some pieces of kit here and there, and putting together a modest setup. I find all your stories and creations super inspiring, and as I learn to play again, I hope to incorporate some of them into my routine.

Thanks again for the freebies – they are most excellent.


PS – Mod – please delete post 900103 above – I tried to edit it and I could not…sorry for the double-post!