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Ron Steele

Hi, not really sure where to start, but I want all to know this is one of the best sites I’ve ever come across. Pure creativity and experimentation. As a result, cool things will happen here.

About me: produced and composed National US TV and Radio ads for 30 years. Owned and/or built recording studios. Started out as a recording engineer. Worked on Neves and SSl’s daily with incredible union musicians and singers. Used any great mic you can think of. Point is I’m Age 57, I go back real far and know some stuff. I even use to sample directly into a Linn drum machine and Emulator. I thought is was really cool that you could buy 1 chip with one drum sound on it for $100 and put into a Linn drum 2.The two things I am extremely grateful for is, I never bought a synclavier or fairlight. I work in gaming now and hope to get into custom trailer work as 330sound.com Point is, there is way too much “about me” and that’s not what this site is about so we will leave it there.

With that, hello. The samples here are great and inspiring in more ways then one. I’m glad I know about piano book.

Thx to all those who contribute here. Keep up the great work.