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Zachary Miller

Hello everyone!

I’m Zach. I am a composer based in Dallas, Texas. I am currently in college for audio engineering and I am writing music for the fun of it. I would love to write music for film at some point, however I am primarily concerned with writing interesting music that I have fun making.

I started piano lessons when I was seven, but stopped when I was thirteen when I moved to Dallas with my family. My education then shifted online when I found the joy of DAWs, “accidentally” clicking the purchase button on Logic Pro. I have been hooked ever since. Fast forward seven or so years, I recently finished writing a symphony based on Halloween, which is my favorite time of the year. Spitfire and Pianobook instruments make up the majority of the sounds.

After writing my symphony to get my head around orchestration, I transitioned to creating sounds from the stuff around me. I have a tendency to play any object I’m holding and as a result know what objects sound the coolest (vacuum mugs, coffee cans, and Nalgene bottles are my favorites). I am in the middle of creating a massive sample library to submit here. The goal is to make a collection of get-out-of-jail-free sounds and write an album based around those sounds.

I’m looking forward to sharing my sounds and music with y’all, as well as hearing everyone else’s sounds and music!