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Sage Reynolds


My name is Sage Reynolds and I am a musician, producer, and composer (amongst other things) based in Montréal, Québec, Canada. I have been a professional musician for over twenty years performing/composing in many styles of music, but I am new to the world of virtual instruments and sampling.

Over the last eight months I’ve been doing research in this realm with the goals of finding new tools/inspiration for my projects and to help open-up the world of media composition, something I’d very much like to do. I have been following Pianobook as part of my research and have been very impressed by the creativity of the participants/organizers and their commitment to positive community building.

This winter I plan on sampling several of my acoustic instruments (possible including piano), as part of my composition process, and sharing some of the results here. Thank you for this excellent resource and for all of your hard work!