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Phil Hanson

My name is Phil but you can call me Foggy! I’m English, from Yorkshire, now resident in SW France.
Been playing Cornet and Trumpet since the 70’s and stuck with this in British Brass Bands until the late 90’s when I had a 7 year stint with Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band. After quitting the brass band scene in 1999 I took a 10 year gap, eventually finding my own sound in 2009 when I discovered improvised free-jazz. I now mix classical, jazz and electronic sounds in my compositions and whilst music is very much my side hustle, I am on a continuing mission to make it my “day-gig”. To this end, I’m currently working with a bunch of producers across Europe and the US on samples packs, remote trumpet session work, and collaborative soundtrack projects.
A bit late to the Pianobook party but very excited to get involved and will be making my own “Dirty Trumpet” virtual instrument in due course.
All the best
Foggy (Phil)