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Hi Everyone,

Euan Smith here; a Scottish composer and sound dabbler – well relatively new to sound creation. I have been busy working on my website https://euansmithmusic.co.uk and a host of videos for my YouTube Channel (Subscribe here: https://youtube.com/euansmithmusic).

I’m looking to learn from you all as I journey towards making my first sampled instrument. Who knows what this will be yet, but I know this is the place to learn and to submit ideas. My first sampling was using cutlery outside a Cottage on Orkney, then using Music 2000 on a PS ONE mashing it up with quotes from Pulp Fiction (Random).

I love the music of the Prodigy, Look Mum No Computer, Danny Elfman and Aphex Twin probably because its subversive and I have zero idea how they make their music.

Anyhow, I’m now 40, a Father of one boy who is on the spectrum and so learning curves for music just got a whole lot steeper.

I compose when I can, create when I can and to keep me fed, clothed and watered, now edit for other YouTube creators, twice a week.

Catch you all soon and I’m excited to see what this site produces.