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Hi all, My name is sK3LeTvM and that is my ‘artist’ name.

I started playing music as a 6 year old kid. Mainly guitar. At the age of 13, my dad bought me my first synthesizer, a Roland SH1000. I was so happy ! That was back in 1977. In the early 80’s, I got lessons by professional musicians (drums, bass, guitar) and studio-techs / producers and I have been buying many synths and samplers since then…my first sampler was an Emulator 2+

In the early 90’s I signed a contract with EMI, but due to circumstances (I also started working as a live audio technician) I needed to make decisions and so I only make music for fun since then. Curious ? Check my SC page :

Hope to find a great resource on this forum. Not only for sounds, but also people, knowledge and fun.
Kind regards