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Howdy folks!
Just a quick hello to introduce myself and to say
to the people who have created the libraries which are so generously on offer here.
I’ve taken advantage of it to the point where it’ll be a while before I can fully explore the treasures I’ve acquired here.

My name’s Ken, and I’m a percussionist in an ensemble here in Montreal (Ratchet Orchestra) and am new to using midi technology, having mostly just used whatever sounded good to hit in a given context, and building up a batterie of acoustic instruments (Small Glockenspiel, small Marimba (2 1/2 octaves) Orchestral Xylophone, and finally Vibraphone. (plus lots of little things).

I’m just getting started now in 2020 with sample libraries and am stunned by what’s available, both for big bucks and also for absolutely free.

Not sure where all this will lead, but I’m glad I stopped in here today, and I’ll be back to see what people are discussing.

Cheers and thanks again.

Ken Doolittle