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Kia Ora

Im sean – ex pom living in Auckland NZ

I have been making music since i was 7 (im now 52 but still crap at it!) and have been messing with synths since 81. No formal training at all….English comprehensive education at the same School as Depeche Mode members Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher.

I have a long and varied “career”, altho making music is not my full time gig these days…biggest claim to fame is i toured as a tech with the prodigy for about 3 years back in the day and helped Liam set up his first studio…

for the last 20 odd years i have worked closely with Lisa Reihana, a very well known and respected Maori visual artist, as composer, sound designer, mixer etc….had lots of shows all over the world and i was fortunate enough to work at Park Road Post with Oscar Winning sound-mixer Mike Hedges (King Kong, Lord of the Rings) on Lisa’s seminal work, “In Pursuit Of Venus”. I have been fortunate enough to have works played all over the world!

Im addicted to plug ins, im addicted to synths (i have 13 real ones a squillion soft ones!).

Looking forward to getting my teeth in to the offerings here and i hope to contribute some silly sounds as well!

Thanks Christian for setting all this up, LEGEND!!