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Espen from Norway here. Long time lurker, thought I’d join and contribute a little bit. I’ve been a musician all my life, mostly on stage, but the studio is really where I’m at home, I love the creative process. I come from a prog metal background as a keyboard player, and I’ve transitioned into electronic music where anything goes. A sort of metal/synthwave/orchestral landscape, where the glossy reverby sounds of the 80’s combine with more gritty dystopian electronic drum ‘n’ bass sounds, metal drums, modular synths and whatever I can think of. These are my personal musical journeys. I do so many different things. A big part of it is sound design, I’ve always enjoyed making my own sounds, I always felt a little lazy when someone told me “I know that preset”.
Well, now I use the same Serum presets as all the cool kids, but they tend to take a trip out of the computer, through some weird gear and resampled multiple ways. I have huge folders of my personal sounds. A personal favourite is all sorts of junk around the house, often recorded with contact mics.

Thought I’d start with something that leans a little towards the orchestral sound, which is my own guitar and bass orchestra. I haven’t found any sample libraries with that kind of stuff. Maybe others will find a use for it too.