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Maximilian Kisbiro

Hi, I´m Max!

Mainly I am a guitar-player, but also play bass and keys.
I did my A-levels at a grammar-school for artists with advanced courses in music and math. Afterwards I got to university to study systems engineering and at the moment I am writing my master-thesis. Next to this I am working in RnD of a tech company developing laser-processes.

Next to my academic studies, I tought myself to produce, mix,master, arrange and compose music. I also got a bit deeper in harmonics- music-psychology and -physiology.

Some years ago I started getting myself into Reaktor and Kontakt and their developement-capabilities and since then slowly into sampling. My preferred choice to process samples is wavetable- and granular-synthesis.

I am fascinated by very technical and innovative yet aesthetic guitar playing and by slowly developing tonal and atonal soundscapes. I also really like things that sound cold.

At the moment I am working on some (hopefully^^) innovative and adaptive Kontakt-scripts to share with you.

After playing guitar in some local prog-metal-bands I play bass in a technical-death-band for 2 years.

I am looking forward to work with you guys!