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darko kutchutozov

my real name isn’t kutchutozov obviously but it’s been a silly ‘handle’ that stuck for a while now so i’m using it for some odd music projects. Its been a long road but I found you all finally! I was making jungle since i could afford an E-MU esi 4k in about 1998 (the filter options blew akai away at the time imho), and since then it’s been rocky lol. A bit of garage and grime but mostly hip-hop and dubstep (before it got cool for 5 seconds lol). Anyway always saw myself as a trapped or struggling composer and tried to start the journey nearly 10 tears ago now, but I only really did one 10 min short (“MUTE” based on the eponymous Stephen King short) and pitched for a few adds via / thru a friend at Black Butter Records. Since that had kids and changed focus completely for a while ,,, until I realised / remembered that this is all i actually care about. Music and sound I mean.

The Spitfire Audio and Westworld competition was LITERALLY a life changer for me. Been back into music composition / production / mixing and mastering (for others) for a while now but with no real personal purpose or focus. Having (re)discovered the spitfire LABS, and consequently the westworld chase scene, I am absolutely sure what I will be doing till I drop eventually. Making interesting noises with whatever noises I can find or make (for and with whomever is interested). Tested some preamps for a mate a few months back and have gotten obsessed with building a library of unique sounds now (almost more than using them). So I found this place after #westworld was closed or it would have featured you guys work for sure. I just love the whole premise and community based approach.

So just want to say a MASSIVE thank you eternally to christian for the vision and the rest of you for the rest …. Not sure ho much I can contribute with actual Instruments but if anyone wants to hear my creations using their hard work I’d be humbled by the feedback!

Kolbi 😉 xxx