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Hi All,

I’m a Lecturer and Course Leader at dBs Music down in the SW, UK. I’ve been involved in various projects over the years from building recording studios (from the ground up) to running various record labels, playing in bands, recording, production.

I’m also a massive audio geek … I think I’m in good company here 🙂

I collect vintage FX pedals and microphones but my favourite topic is the circuit topology of vintage gain reduction units such as the LA-2A, 33609, 1176, 176, 660/670, etc. However, I’m equally interested in digital modelling and programming My own practice is precariously balanced somewhere between the analogue and digital.

I’ve just started to get into scripting in Kontakt and discovered pianobook through Spitfire and Christian’s YouTube channel.

It’s great to meet you all and there’s some fantastic instruments out there, I’m really enjoying playing them … loved the Vax RX7, totally unexpected sound.


p.s. If anyone needs samples running through RX for noise reduction, I can help.