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Hello Pianobook folk,
Ive been using Pianobook for a while after watching one of Christians YouTube things, I didn’t realise what a wonderful, vibrant community you had going on here!
I began my career primarily in the creative arts/graphics and became entwined in the seedy world of the music business, co owning a recording studio and rehearsal rooms in the middle of the Black Country in the early to late 90’s
Many bands, many managers, few releases with a dabble of ‘success’ and I find myself no longer in the industry that I had once loved dearly.
I still compose and write material, I would like to collaborate more with like minded folk – soundscapes. ambient, folk, electronica…..lovely music (that’s not to say that it can’t be distorted to be wonderfully beautiful…you know what I mean)
Anyway, thank you, for a splendid thing, a wondrous monster where creativity is its teeth!
Peace, light and Love,