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Hi, I’m Francesco, a Composer actually based in Italy.

I’m a really satisfied Spitfire customer and a Fan of Christian and Paul both as composers and as entrepeneurs so I’ve know Pianobook from the beginning but I didn’t give it much attention until recently (MY FAULT!).

I’ve had a lot of personal matters recently and this whole COVID-19 Situation only made it worse. I took partial shelter in writing a lot more music than the usual and I was seeking for good samples to expand my sounds range but finally had the time to actually stop and delve deeper into Pianobook.

It was invigorating realizing that this isn’t just another samples sharing website but a community of good people willing to share kindness (because any library here, created through hard work and given for free, it’s an incredible act of kindness), their stories and the stories of their instruments.
It was a really good way to realize that there are still lots of good people in this world.

Thank you!

P.s.: Give me a bit of time to finish all my tracks and I’ll do my part in demoeing many libraries hoping that much more people will join this wonderful community.