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Hi folks,

I’m based out of rochester, NY and i have deeply identified with christians videos, particularly the fact that i am surrounded by cluster b personality disorder in my life and it is very hard sometimes. But I have been looking for a sense of meaning in music to follow, and as a synthesist (mainly dangerous collector of eurorack and massively frustrated with the fact that these instruments can make IMMENSELY POWERFUL SOUNDS, and most of the time users just ignore these things and make their final products supremely pale and neutral and flat. I have been at it for a decade and a half, starting as a trumpet player at the eastman school of music, and then found synthesis and electrical engineering and i believe i have a unique perspective i hope i can share with you based on my life. i have just taken receipt of an rme fireface ufx+ which i know is overkill but i could afford it at this point in my life, and LOVE IT. also i have a doepfer lmk4+ on the way to complete the rig, and as i know i’m going to be paying a credit card of for a bit, it was well worth it.

genre wise, i’ve been into a lot, i was in jazz and classical for trumpet, loved punk, played ska (regrettably, but that was an incredibly cathartic and fun time in my teen years) and now electronic music of the likes of amon tobin and noisia, but i’ve ALWAYS aspired to the idea of timbre being variable, and to finally bring my classical instrument playing and electronic playing together with my technological knowledge.

My current plans are to make some libraries, obvioulsy going to make some synth libraries of which i’m immensely excited, but more uniquely, i discovered something incredible here in upstate from a friend of mine with a Mennonite connection! If anybody hasnt heard of shapenote singing, look up the sacred harp performances and prepare to shit, because it is a very unique and beautiful experience inbetween a chant and a choir, where people read from a book of traditional hymns (while shapenote is mostly a secular activity) and on the sheet, the bodies of the notes are shapes, if you google it youll find a picture, but these shapes resemble certain phonemes that people sing based on what note in the choir, and i’m obsessed. i’m looking to find a choir in my area willing to record, but if not, i am also planning a trip to the uk, because i’ve considered living there for years and would love to finally visit, and maybe record the sacred harp myself in ireland!

Here is my favorite: Idumea, the “chopping” they are doing is a form of self-conducting and 2 people volunteer from the choir to lead.

47b Idumea – Second Ireland Sacred Harp Convention, 2012

Looking forward to speaking!
Thanks christian for this AMAZING community and resource!