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Hey everyone! I’m Ryan from Los Angeles. I am psyched to engage with this community! All of my favorite composers and producers sample a lot of their own sounds, even in pop/indie music (ie. Glass Animals, The 1975, etc.)

I worked in a recording studio for about 3 years after college; first as a runner, then as studio manager and assistant engineer. We made some records with some of my favorite legacy artists and I had the privilege of using the studio after hours, with the Trident A Range console and all of the mics and outboard gear one could want…

In the 7 years or so since I have worked as an orchestrator/copyist on a Live TV singing competition show and I have played around town and toured as a utility player/M.D. with several pop artists. Pretty much the LA cliche.

I’m excited to really dive into this craft of sampling, in the broader context of indulging in my love for more organic, textured music. Excited to meet you all!