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Riccardo Percacci

Hi everyone,

my name is Riccardo, from Trieste, Italy. I got my BMus in Classical Guitar in 2015, after which I kind of dropped music for a while as I was concentrating on other things. Last year I decided I wanted to make music my main focus in life, so I started an MMus in Film Scoring in London (London College of Music), which I recently completed.

I had been writing short guitar compositions when I was younger, and had been struggling in recent years to find an idiom, style or if you will, a personal voice, in which to express myself musically. Studying film music really enabled me to explore different genres, and I hugely enjoyed orchestrating and bringing additional dimensions to simple musical ideas.

On this journey I discovered the power of samples. First, as an essential modern tool for the study and practice of composition and orchestration. Then, I started appreciating the amount of expressiveness, depth and colour that samples can add, when used in a not strictly realistic way. I think Pianobook is a microcosmos that embodies this duality: from the detailed and real life Piano instruments, to all the warped, mashed and mangled beauty of pads and more sound-design oriented entries.

As I’m just starting out as a media composer, my portfolio is virtually zero, but I’m very excited about some upcoming opportunities. I guess it’s a steep hill to walk up, but all we can do do is be optimistic and open-minded!

Cheers to all,