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Hi Everyone,

my name is Benjamin from Aachen, Germany (well…I until now). A year ago I wanted to give my piano solos that extra kick with a few orchestral parts. In search of reasonable strings and plugins, I came across Christian’s YouTube channel. I have to say, since then I have had a steep learning curve!

I mainly write piano solos and I started composing orchestral music a year ago. Friends of mine say: “You have good ideas but you don’t sound like Hans Zimmer yet”. I mean, I’ve only been doing this for a year and I really don’t want to sound like Hans Zimmer. I am still searching for my own sound and style.

In other words, I am just at the beginning and I want to continue my way there. I’m glad to have found the pianobook community and I hope that I can exchange compositions with you here or maybe start joint projects.

If you want to hear something, I can send you some demos (just in case :D).

I also want to start making sample libraries for the pianobook community. I have a G. L. Nagel upright and a 12 string guitar at my parents’ house that I would like to share with the community. However, I still need the microphones (only have the Røde NT1-A) and the sampler 😀

So much for me, i am happy to be a member of the pianobook family.

Best regards

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