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Hello! My name is Jared and I’m from Canada. I’m happy to meet everyone! Musically I played trumpet as a kid and have played guitar (mainly classic rock) for the last 20 years. 2.5 years ago I discovered a Twitch streamer from Australia named Jonathan Ong. He is an amazing pianist and multi-instrumentalist. He has tons of keyboards and uses a variety on libraries as well. Well I saw him play a ROLI Seaboard and I thought, “Hey, that vibrato and sliding is like playing a guitar and I have a couple lap steels – how hard can it be?” So I ordered Seaboard Rise 49 and realized when I got it that it was more piano-like than I thought, and I didn’t know how to play piano. That was where I fell down the rabbit hole of learning piano, theory, synths, and libraries. So I bought my first VST library 2 years ago (Hans Zimmer Strings) and have collected many, many other libraries and synths since then as I’ve learned to compose. I’d say my musical style right now is more ambient synth stuff. Then a year ago I was watching Christian’s videos and saw him sampling a wine glass. Well I realized I could do that too, and started recording everything and putting the sounds into Kontakt and now into other granular synths! I even took an audio recorder with me on vacation to the US and New Zealand and recorded random interesting sounds. It seems like homemade sample libraries are more satisfying to compose with. That’s why I love what pianobook is all about! So that’s where I’m at in my reintensified musical journey the past couple years. I’m looking foward to sample more, create crazy virtual instruments, and improve my composing skills. Cheers!