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Paul M

Hello everybody! I’m Paul. I’m a former resident of Edinburgh although I’ve only moved 30 miles away. I work as a Software UI Developer during the day and try to squeeze in songwriting when I can. I’ve been collaborating with a few lyricists over the last few years and have self-funded my recordings with the aim to see if I can attract any publishing interest. One of the highlights was recording a string quartet in the main studio space at Chem 19 near Glasgow. It is always a special feeling hearing other musicians bring your music to life. I’ve previously hired recording studios and producers for all my recordings but I’m starting to learn the basics of music production at the moment so that I can do a lot more of it at home. I started learning piano when I was 16. Fortunately my parents believed me when I told them I wanted to learn and went out their way to buy a piano for the house and got me piano lessons. Pianobook is such a great idea! I had never considered it before but I’m determined to sample the piano that my parents bought for me all those years ago now.

Kind Regards,