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Emil G.

Hello new forum world! Emil G. here, Canada’s foremost unknown composer 🙂


I am primarily a piano player, but also a closet cellist, part-time string player (harp, root, ukulele, violin, bass and others). I am a player of many, master of none.

My first love was recording, way back when all we had was tape. No such thing as a DAW, just a desk. No surprise I was into early experimental electronic music and am happy I could add a few analogue synths to the mix, Moog and Dave Smith (before Dave got Sequential back). Would have liked to play a Buchla, but never had the chance. Maybe someday.

I am nontraditional and believe music should be listen to from beginning to end as the composer intended. I enjoy and add to my vinyl record collection, listening daily, if I can.

I have recently got back into quadraphonic production. This was a big thing in the late 60s and early 70s. It is really making a comeback.The tech has gotten so much better now and is compatible with most modern surround playback systems. I love being able to extract surround information from stereo masters. BYW, Music By 300 Strangers sounds amazing in Quadraphonic.

Enough of an introduction. I look forward to reading all of yours. And contributing more samples and demos to this project.

Thanks for the oppertunity.

– Emil