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Justin Carmony

Hey everyone,

Justin Carmony here. I’m based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and I am a Director of Software Engineering for large media websites.

Back in November, I busted out my old Ensoniq MR-76 I got when I was 13 years old, and started writing music again. I’ve learned so much over these last 5 months, and Pianobook was a wonderful discovery, especially since I am a hobbyist really and just write music for fun and share with friends.

I publish under the name Aldus, my music is here: https://soundcloud.com/aldus-music

I have a goal to write and release a song every two weeks, and boy has it been kicking my butt and learning a ton.

Anyway, I should be getting my hands on a pair of condenser mics soon and have a baby grand and an old family organ (the kind with a player and another person pumping the darn thing) that I’m excited to try and sample.