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Richard Waters

Good evening all,

Just wanted to say Hi, and thank you for all the work and effort that goes into these,
Im 42 from south wales, not originally, from kent, but haved lived here since 1989,
i first felt music at a young age, and picked up a guiter at around 17.
Have done the band thing, circa 2002 – 2008 ish, then got fed up of it, did a sound tech degree.
Then fell ill [booooo!!] and since then ive been just at home constantly on cubase etc, writing, mixing, recording demo’s
learning from others.
Anyway im just getting into Kontakt, I studied a bit in uni but it was Reactor and all that faff, just didnt interest me that much tbh,
but samples, loops, i like them, i know where i stand.

Anyway nice one guys and girls and whatever you may identify as,


Dicky x