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Peter Flint

Hi there, I’m Peter Flint. I’ve been a visitor and contributor to Pianobook’s library of instruments for over a year now but have never posted in the forums before, so I’m looking to communicate more within the community! I’ve been a media composer for six years now and throughout the last two of those I’ve found a huge amount of fulfillment in the process of sampling.

My home is in rural Leicestershire in the UK where there is a lot of talent in the videogame and film industries, though there is a drought in funding for the latter. I’ve been working with those and the local arts community throughout my university education and beyond. While I didn’t study music after high school I took a Masters degree in digital art where I focused on interactive sound installations, and I think this is where my enthusiam for sampling comes from. Creating satisfying interactive sound formed from personal stories is such a joy and I’m so happy to share it with this community.