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Jo Krielly

Hello, my moniker (nickname) here is Krielly, and I live currently in Germany.
I discovered PianoBook a few months back around the time DecentSampler became available for Linux. I’ve been playing guitar for about 18 years, and in the last few years started to learn how to produce music with Reaper.
As someone without much money and also using Linux, I find the accessibility of PianoBook libraries and DecentSampler really great and helpful to have lots of new sounds and textures to play with. I hope one day also to create some sampled instruments of my own to contribute but for the moment am still struggling along to get equipment together, learn, and make some music that I like along the way.
I’m also an independent filmmaker and will be composing the music for my next documentary.
This is my Bandcamp site, I only have one song there so far but hopefully once I have enough fitting tracks together for an EP there will be more: https://forestrage.bandcamp.com/releases